About Custom Strengths Swag | Lisa & Dave Marks

Lisa Marks worked at Gallup for more than 13 years—where she established and grew the company store. The ability to fully customize promotional products featuring an individual's Top 5 Strengths has been a dream of Lisa's since the time she worked closely with Dr. Donald O. Clifton, the founder of Clifton Strengths. “For most people, Clifton Strengths are badges of honor. People take pride in them, want to display them, and want to see and recognize them in others.”      Woo | Activator | Relator | Belief | Empathy
Using his number one theme (Ideation), Dave fully utilized that strength throughout his marketing, graphic design, and creative team leadership career. An innovator who brings more than three decades of experience to our team, Dave takes projects from rough ideas, to strategic concepts and all the way through to execution. His resume includes serving as Creative Design Director at Gallup, where he spearheaded a complete revamp of the iconic brand's global brand identity design.     Ideation | Individualization | Strategic | Arranger | Achiever